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Club Mandom Part 3


The "uncut night" is heating up even more at Club Mandom, and Tom Caserta is there to catch every drop of smegma, dick cheese and juicy cum into his cock-starved mouth. This vintage vid celebrates the beauty, smell and ripe flavor of big uncut dicks. Each encounter is layered with filthy narration by the anonymous tops who sport those long-skinned woodies. A graffitied message on the sex club wall invites all dicks to cocksucker Tom with his phone number and directions to leave a message. "Tom loves dick--headcheese please!"

As Tom waits on his knees for the next funky dick to ram into his starved throat, a built stud unbuttons his 501s and stretches his long uncut cock. He sticks it through the gloryhole and lets Tom take over to work his oral magic. Starting with his tight nuts, Tom works up to the ripe sticky head. The scene breaks into kaleidoscopic multi images of mouth meeting dick. The top reaches through and squeezes his nuts and tool together for Tom to service it all. This cock is thick as a fist and a warm leathery tan color, with Tom guzzling down every musky inch. "That's it, eat my cock up. Watch that big cock cumming through the glory hole." Tom yanks the skin forward and slides his thumbs under the head. "Look up at me jerkin' my beautiful cock! I gotta lot of cum in here for ya!" The stud pops off his leather cockring and geysers shot after shot of juicy jizz.