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Black on Red, Part 1


If you're looking for fun vintage precondom sex from a more innocent time, this may not be the film for you. Chris Burns was a slave/bottom boy with an angelic face and silky blond hair, but undeerneath the surface beauty he was a complex man who recognized his twisted desires and made sure to indulge them. "Black on Red" is a superbly done vintage gay porn film with some deep insights into the mental game of BDSM. BDSM/leather play is ultimately about relationships, a transference of power that can lead to a giving, fulfilling love. It's one of the few videos to plumb the often frightening yet fulfilling depths of a slave boy's surrender to and trust in his chosen Master/Daddy. The probing psychological and physical domination/submission in BLACK ON RED between cool, rugged, leather-clad Master Brick Samson and worshipful slave boy Chris Burns communicates its message wonderfully.

S & M is a mind game, in this case nonverbal, which adds an element of mystery and ceremonial ritual to their varied play. Scenes flow organically into each other based on the impetus of the narrative voice. Chris has found his ideal Master, but must show that he is worthy. Brick's strong-jawed face, his long, angular, slightly wrinkled hands on his belt and crotch, juxtaposed with Chris' round, boyish ass as he crawls toward the object of his worship. His face expresses more mental eroticism than the thickest, most glorious cumshot. All Brick has to do is stand there; the upshots are terrific, and mirror Chris' narration and point of view.

Slave boy Chris licks Brick's boots and leather, fondles his ass and crotch through chaps over jeans, with honest adoration. This is no prelude to a sleek, superficial fuck (as in many leather videos). Chris fantasizes about his master's cock, but knows he must earn that pleasure. We experience Chris' journey almost completely through close-ups, but both points of view are expressed equally. "You wanna be a good little boy, don't you?" the narrator imagines Brick saying/thinking (while the camera flashes an image of a nipple being pierced and an enema tube in his mouth). Angelic Chris will prove to be that good little boy, first by learning how to take an enema; his ass becomes a fountain. He kisses the enema bag, knowing Brick's in control of his pain and pleasure. Will he surrender to Brick's control and take the enema that ritually baptizes his hole for Daddy?