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Doing It: Scene Six


Our young DOING IT heroes finally get the instruction they so desperately need in all the dirty details of man-to-man fucking, thanks to a kind-hearted and cockhungry hooker. Jeff comments to his new fuck team buddy that if they want to learn about this stuff, they need to seek "professional help." Jon doesn't get it, but Jeff knows where to go. They stroll down the sidewalk to hit up sexy hustler Johnny Dawes, posed in a white wifebeater and ripped jeans that show off his ass. Jeff tells Johnny that they want to have sex with him and offers him twelve dollars. Johnny is insulted at this low-balls offer and starts to leave. He pauses, rethinking things, and tells the boys to come with him. Excited, they follow. At Johnny's place, he strips down and tells the nervous boys to take off their clothes, coaches them through the encounter. They suck cock, then Johnny demonstrates ass eating and encourages Jon to give it a try.

While the three are getting it on, Johnny's phone rings and, not stopping what he's doing, he picks up and tells the caller that, yes, he's versatile and his rates are fifty dollars an hour. He nonchalantly continues his sex education in the art of fucking, sticks his cock up Jeff's ass. Jeff starts enjoying the sensation as Jon watches intently. Jeff cums and then it's Jon's turn. Johnny gets him down on all fours and fucks him from behind. Jeff pays close attention as Johnny shoots onto Jon's back. Lesson over, they pay him the twelve dollars and thank him. Johnny takes the money and pushes Jon and Jeff's heads together so they exchange a quick kiss. Johnny gives a knowing wink toward the camera as we fade out.