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Heatstroke, Scene One


Joe Gage's HEATSTROKE is one of the early HIV-era gay porn videos that straddle the line between 70s "anything goes" bareback sex and later 80s condom-laden "safer sex" vids that reigned till the 2010s and beyond. Not a condom vid, the sex shown here is hot "safer sex" that concentrates on oral and jacking off. There's one brief fuck, but other than that it's an ode to cockhungry cowboys and their huge, cum-spurting tools rendered in loving slow motion. If your first love is watching hot manly cocksuckers getting their throats rammed full, you'll love this one.

Sexy cowpoke Rory (Roy Garrett)introduces us to the guys in his Montana bunkhouse including big daddy/boss Shep (Richard Locke), with a butch salt and pepper beard and a hairy muscle bod, who gives Rory a hard time because of his inexperience.

After being cooped up all winter, the men get their first weekend off as the temperature climbs to 112 degrees. Jud (Clinton Coe) draws the short straw and has to stay behind to watch the herd while the others head for town. Rory hits the adult bookstores and watches a topless woman in lingerie dance in a peep-show booth. He fondles her and masturbates while two big-dicked guys in an adjacent booth watch through a gloryhole and do likewise. She takes money from Rory and sensually rubs it on her bush. This hot bi scene winds up with Rory tonguing and fingering the dancer while the adjacent dudes, clad in denim and plaid, touch Rory and themselves. As all the guys jack off together, the scene builds nicely from hetero activity to man-on-man climax, with the mystery cowboys working their ample poles to creamy orgasm.