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Tricky Love, Scene 1


Infidelity, relationship drama, and reconciliation are the focal points of this gay porn classic from
Black Forest Productions and director Dwight Antoine!
BFP was the first gay porn studio with a Black studio head and director (Dwight Antoine, who co-owned the company with his partner, Al Horatio). The studio put out creative and entertaining releases which focused on depictions of Black gay men that were layered, intimate, and interesting, serving as a welcome contrast to stereotype-heavy mainstream porn.

When the Scene One action starts after a cheeky beginning lesson on how to stop the video if you find something offensive, our loving couple, Bo Reed and Wayne Darren, are sharing affectionate morning goodbyes as
Wayne departs for work. Bo says he is feeling sick and stays in bed, while Wayne leaves for his
repairman job. Once Wayne is out the door, Bo springs out of bed and straightens up their
On the job at customer Tory Bell's house, Wayne is sprawled out in the laundry room under the
dryer when he catches Tory scoping him out and fondling himself through his pants. Soon he's
the one groping Tory's substantial bulge through his trousers, then unbuckling and licking Tory's
boner through his boxers. After more time on his knees giving Tory head, Wayne positions Tory
on top of the washing machine and eats his ass like there's no tomorrow. Wayne continues his
incredible oral administrations, hungrily swallowing Tory's cock as Tory writhes and moans on
the machine, and jacking the young man to a climax, which is shot onto the stretch of stomach
revealed under his hiked up sweater.