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The Idol Opening Scene


This incredible gay porn film from Tom DeSimone Hollywood-like production is the "ultimate coming out story." It realistically and sensitively examines emotional, psychological and sexual exploration with honesty and a point of view, a rare accomplishment in adult film. Well-paced, well-edited, well-crafted and beautifully photographed, this film manages to appeal both to the crotch and the mind, thus establishing itself as a timeless classic that holds up to almost all of the productions made today. Furthermore, the sex scenes unfold naturally, with conversation leading to arousal, like in real life.

The story develops characterization and highlights Gary (the beautiful and talented actor Kevin Redding), a college track star who seems to have it made except for the fact that he's frustrated by a girlfriend who won't put out and is confused by his blossoming interest in his fellow athletes.

Each segment of this film builds erotic tension, and the film begins with one such moment: Gary is parking with his girlfriend, who won't give him any, and proceeds to beat his college dick to orgasm (in a self-exploration session that's both real and probable, not to mention stimulating to watch) in the front seat of his car before going home.

Following a discussion with a fellow athlete about letting other men get him off and that there's nothing wrong with it, Gary has his first "gay" experience in the shower room: Gary watches a mustached man suck cock. Gary then watches, both shocked and delighted, as two men join his friend for blow jobs and ass-thrusting. A humpy and macho man joins in and sucks on Gary's dick, giving him his "first" gay blow job, thus completing the shower room four-way. Photography and close-ups of the action are excellent as all of the men jack off to orgasm.

Later, Gary lets his coach (mature, hunky and hung Nick Rodgers) massage him in his office. The erotic tension in Gary is obvious as the coach begins to talk him out of his jockstrap and into a blow job, on the massage table and under it, while the coach kneels down and sucks up on his boner. Gary remains passive (realistically) as he is devoured orally, rimmed with his legs in the air, and stimulated with hands to shoot a huge load, which the coach sucks out of his cock.

Gary eventually accepts his sexuality and couples with another friend (boyish, lean, cute and mustached) poolside. After talking about both of them having sex with the coach and liking it, they 69 and fuck one another's face, before the friend rides on Gary's meat. Gary then takes cock up his "virgin" ass for the first time, with the buddy blowing (in big close-ups) on him and the camera lens. The last scene has Gary with a hairy ex-lover. Gary gets his hole tongued, his asshole plowed and pounded, and slowly and passionately kisses his love skillfully captured in slow-motion photography.

Starring: Kevin Redding, Nick Rodgers, Greg Dale, Derrick Stanton, Jim Battaglia, Mark Bitler, Jerry Foxe, Peter Borchard (minister), and Darla-Lee Barnett as Karen (girlfriend).