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The Destroying Angel Opening Scene


Cast: Tim Kent, Bill Young (aka Big Bill Eld, aka Bill Eld), Philip Darden, Paul Eden, Evan De Braye, Alain Monceau, Thom Aaron, Glenn Middleton, Gian-Paolo Cotto, Billy White, Rick Scott

Director Peter de Rome brings a balanced measure of storyline, emotion and steamy sex to this BIJOU VIDEO re-release of a classic film completed in 1976.

The story is based upon a story by Edgar Allan Poe and focuses on Caswell Campbell (Tim Kent), a haunted young man torn between the call of the cloth and his own pent-up feelings inside. Campbell takes a three month sabbatical and plunges himself into the world of man-sex and drugs.

The first sex in this film include both oral and anal sex, with one of the men spanking himself in an act of penance. After the first bite of a mushroom, he is witness to a view of sex he has never known before and his whole world takes on infinite new possibilities. Bedeviled by repeated glimpses of his alter ego, he is drawn into a nightmare world of hallucinogenic drugs and supernatural sex.

After taking the mushroom he witnesses a montage of men masturbating themselves alone and in groups, later creating an orgy full of foreskin, uninhibited sex and one black man. The men form a circle jerk and explode their loads over him, coating him with jism.

Emotion and fantasy continue and evolve with circle jerks, plenty of foreskin, orgies, sizeable cocks, rimming, masculine men, multiple orgasms, and Catholic garb. Later, Caswell joins a three-way and sucks asshole; getting a load on his face after fucking.

Sex with food and toys are featured next as he trips with another man on the beach and goes home to experience kinky sex. Artful photography, typical of de Rome, culminates "in a nerve-shattering climax of frenzied emotion" (Torso Magazine).

Not for everyone due to its strong mix of gay sex and Catholic images, but seriously mysterious, intense and successful, in a style only de Rome has done!

One Bijou reviewer wrote:

"At once a cautionary tale (which is a bit of a downer) and a grotesque celebration, The Destroying Angel is one film that you have to see to believe.... The first sex scene is a blur of disturbing sights and bloodless, almost brutal sex. Bud chokes Campbell with his cock and whips him with a belt -- all the while creep electronic music (an original and near-amazing score by Joe Mann) adds an air of sinister dread. Campbell seems unable to escape the dark visions that tear at his sense of self so he does just what one would think he had to: h e submits to them. He eats a mushroom that has inexplicably appeared at bedside and has the first of many, ultimately fatal hallucinations."
"Campbell's hideous fate is a sad, albeit appropriate ending. The intensity that de Rome creates with his combination of bizarre story and spectacular sex culminates in a nerve-shattering climax of frenzied emotion. Once again, Peter de Rome has managed to successfully bring together the right ingredients to produce an appealing video." -- Torso Magazine

Quote from the movie: "There's only one way to overcome temptation -- by giving into it."