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Drive Opening Scene


Released In 1974

Cast: Christopher Rage, Mark Woodward, Kirk Luna, Shawn Roberts, Peter Fersen, Michael Corrigan, Frank Ventgen, Brian Destazio, Richard Abel, Jack Brusca, Harvey Shamber, Jaap Penraat, Stan Glinter, S.V. Newman, John Fromme. Cameo appearance by Peter de Rome.

This superb vintage gay sex movie sports a cast of fifty and a wild scheme to rid the world of sex. The strong story has Mary Jim Stunning (cross-dressing as the mad Arachne) plotting to kidnap a scientist (Mark Woodward) who's developed a drug to eliminate the sex drive, hence the title.

But secret agent Clark (Kirk Luna) is on the case. Long-haired Clark and his lover Robbie (Shawn Roberts) engage in foreplay on the floor and take turns sucking one another's cock. These two muscled men suck 69 style before humping butt.

Meanwhile, dirty talk fills the audio as Mark is shown sucking the big, hairy-crotched dick of his assistant. Oral close-ups are good as Mark sucks him off to orgasm. Clark later finds Mark hiding out in a house and they engage in foreplay, dressed in leather harnesses and jockstraps. Clark fucks the doc missionary style on the floor and they both jerk off their cum loads, while special effects are used to emphasize the scene.

Clark eventually saves the day and frees all of Arachne's prisoners who are bound in a basement, who then engage in a free-for-all orgy of foreskin, masturbation and cock-worshipping, cum-guzzling orgasms in the mouth at video's end.

Good editing and creative visuals add to this early 1970's creation. Highlights hippy nostalgia, beards, fur-covered bodies, special effects and willing men bound for love. Originally shot on film, the picture is dark at times, but does not distract the directing power or the sex.

One Bijou reviewer wrote:

Madwoman Arachne (porn legend Christopher Rage in drag) is on a crusade to rid the planet of sex! Can sexy secret agent Kirk Luna save the day?

Drive, Jack Deveau's second feature for Hand In Hand Films, is at once a madcap homage to sci-fi B movies of the 1950s, a vehicle for presenting hardcore sex in novel ways, and a strong statement about repression in the age of sexual liberation. With its colorful graphics, special effects, and a cast of over 50 actors, Drive was the largest-scale gay porn production of its time.

The film opens on slender fingers with perfect red polished nails pecking away at a typewriter. "Dear World." the female narrator begins. Cutaway to the same manicured hands picking up a long-blade knife. "I am going to tell you the truth." The hand grasps a man's naked genitals and caresses them with the blade of the knife. "Because I am the only one who understands the truth."

So begins the ravings of Arachne, a brilliant, evil madwoman on a crusade to rid the planet of sex. The villainess is played by porn actor Christopher Rage in drag, billed as Mary Jim Stunning. Rage, who also wrote the screenplay, brings a delicious wickedness to the part.

Key to Arachne's mad plan is the capture and punishment of a scientist who developed a compound, intended as an alternative to birth control, that kills the human sex drive.

On the side of the good guys is Clark (Kirk Luna), a handsome, feather-haired secret agent tasked with protecting the scientist and stopping Arachne's scheme.

For all the twists and turns of the wacky plot, there is still plenty of hardcore pre-condom sex here. Shaggy brunet Clark (think 1970s pop crooner Bobby Sherman) and his lover Robbie (Shawn Roberts) start the action off with a little foreplay on the floor and some juicy 69-ing, eventually launching into a full fuck. The sex scene is intercut masterfully with footage of Arachne in a psychedelic nightclub, watching with disdain an elaborate male strip show.

Cut to scientist Mark Woodward, his face buried in the hairy bush of his lab assistant, in a sequence featuring some excellent oral footage. Both of these long-haired models are definitely working the hippie look. Agent Clark later finds Mark hiding out in a house. The two don leather harnesses and jockstraps and launch into some heavy play, and their final cumshots are ornamented with special effects.

Christopher Rage's performance is camp perfection. Arachne seethes throughout the film, spitting orders to her minions and making grandiose speeches. The character performs a similar function to Mink Stole's memorable roles in early John Waters films: Arachne embodies the shrill, disapproving voice of uptight mainstream society; the more ground the subculture gains, the more alarmed she becomes. And like Stole at her best, Rage delivers a purse-lipped, over-the-top performance that makes Arachne very entertaining to watch.

Deveau employs vivid imagery to slam home the film's message about sexual repression. The opening shot of the knife at a man's testicles telegraphs Arachne's ultimate goal, the complete castration of humanity.

Similarly, when the secret agent finally catches up to the villainess, he finds her in a dungeon with a dozen chained men -- a message: the more a prude moralizes and rails against sex, the more sexual secrets that person is likely suppressing.

Clark eventually saves the day and frees all of Arachne's prisoners, after which a free-for-all orgy ensues. The sexual liberators win the day.