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Games Opening Scene


Year Released: 1983

Cast: Leo Ford, Al Parker, Johnny Dawes, Mike Davis, Jim Rogers, Ben Barker, Giorgio Canali, Russ Franklin, Brian Nichols, Shannon, Steve Taylor, David McCabe

Athletic beauty, foreskin and large cocks on well-built men highlight this Steve Scott-directed classic gay porn film (from Surge Studio) of blond bombshell Leo Ford as a swimmer and Al Parker as a photographer at the first San Francisco Gay Games (including actual, live footage).

Parker services a big and fat disembodied cock sticking through a human-sized piece of cardboard with a glory hole at the introduction of this film.

Includes: Johnny Dawes and the late Mike Davis in a locker room (69ing, eating ass and fucking holes), Parker and hitchhiker Russ Franklin on the floor of a van (Parker fucks the hell out of the fan's asshole before blowing onto his face), and Leo Ford and Davis in the showers (where coach Davis rims out his asshole).

Other sessions feature Ford and Jim Rogers on a bedroom floor, Parker and Giorgio Canali fucking each other in a black limo, Ben Barker and Brian Nichols in a hospital room (as well as Barker and Ford), and Parker with Ford back at the photo studio.

Unfortunately, jarred pacing and editing during some of the sex segments are abundant. Also, the overlaid soundtrack and sound effects are often intrusive instead of complimentary. Despite the large number of sex scenes, they often do not develop to the lengths they should have.

Plenty of pre-AIDS bareback sex: shooting into mouths, ass-sucking and unprotected humping.

Nominated as one of Drummer Magazine's "Best Videos of 1983."

"Games is beautifully put together, environments are varied by cohesive, art decoration is detail-oriented without being oppressively overdone, lavish but understated. The sexual situations are both inherently interesting and well integrated; some daring material is handled very well. Unfortunately, the plot falls apart at the end, but still, Games is a ten." -- Drummer

"As usual, Parker services the cock like a pro, the erotic tension being heightened by the viewer's curiosity about the lucky owner of that prime beef. (We never find out.)" -- Manshots